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Dear Friends,

I am inviting you to the exhibition in the art space "Art Platz". The official opening will be on 7th of September, where I will be present to answer your question. The exhibition will introduce my new works: “Apocatastasis”, "Full Moon 2 Phase" and “Adam and Eve”, and display my other paintings from various periods of my work-life. Nevertheless, the art space will show off paintings of famous Latvian artists from 20th century.

It will be a pleasure for me, if you would come. And it will be a pleasure for you, as you will be able to expand your horizons and talk to art lovers and collectors.

Best regards,

Kalvis Zalitis

Bernard Show

We present our tea collection, which consists of more than 70 types of tea from around the world. The philosophy of the presented assortment is harmony: a collection of bright, rich flavors, exquisite, diverse flavors and impeccable ingredients, specially selected for you by our tea sommelier.
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