Exhibition “Starting Point” (Edgars Vinters’ paintings and Martins Kudrjavcevs’ photos). 

The exhibition “Starting Point” is featuring two artists – the renowned Latvian master Edgars Vinters, who painted Riga Old Town landscapes, and the fine-art photographer Martins Kudrjavcevs, who made photos from the very same spots, targeted exactly like E. Vinters painted the views 30 years ago. In the pictures, Riga’s paved streets and old masonry walls have preserved their eternal appearance, however other surroundings have obviously moved along the era. 

The exhibition will take place at the Department of National History Museum of Latvia “Dauderi” from April 29 to June 14, 2020. The exhibition consists of 14 paintings by E. Vinters, dated from 1972 to 2010, and 14 photos by Martins Kudrjavcevs taken in the year 2020.

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