Welcome to Riga’s new art space “Art Platz”! 

It is a place for cultural events, where innovative artistic experiments will be modelled and new thematic discourses will be created. Creating exhibitions and organising cultural events, Art Platz seeks for a cooperation with young artists, through the creation of exhibitions, master classes and other various events.

Art Platz expresses its sincere gratitude to the curator Evelina Vanaga for participation, understanding and support in the organisation of the exhibition, photographer Martin Kudryavtsev, who brought to life the paintings of artists presented in our art space, as well as the unforgettable photographs of the buildings of the architect Mikhail Eisenstein in the style of art nouveau, and the artison Ekaterina Andreeva for a dress made for the wax figure of M. Eisenstein. Also, many thanks to Boris Zhivyagin for well-coordinated, quick and high-quality work in the gallery.