Short nights and the bright light.
Domination of the light.
Dawn in the European cultural space.
The Sisyphus stone becomes lighter; hope shines at a summit.
Courage and commitment.
The task and purpose of life.
Symbiosis between characters, images and myths.
Unification of intelligence and passion.
Legends turn into myths.
The essence of past stories is in building of modern reality.
Religious sensitivity and philosophical touch.
Black hole, present and imaginary time.
The discovery of space-time.

On the "White Night" you will have the opportunity to visit the recently opened art space "Art Platz", where several exhibitions will be presented, united under the joint name "Discovery of Space-time". In addition to information about the architect of the building, Mikhail Eisenstein, the works of the artist Ivars Heinrihsons will be presented, as well as the Riga landscape, written by the old master Edgars Vinters. Also, in a separate room will be a solo exhibition of the artist Kalvis Zalitis, entitled "The Trajectory of Myth". The uniqueness of Kalvis Zalitis's art lies in the interpretation of classical eternal themes using the tools of modern art - a combination of expression, color, line, brightness and composition.

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