Brushstroke Practice

In the first introductory lecture, the master will show the basic principles of sketching techniques. Choose three characters or objects to depict. As an example, we will start with cartoon characters and simple objects. It is important to remember that you do not have to worry about the accuracy of the drawing, but rather enjoy the sketching process itself. At first, you can use a pencil to create the drawing, then the lines can be drawn using a pen. During the lesson, Zhang will show how to use pencils and pens to achieve better results. Learning to sketch with a pencil using the central and side parts of graphite and creating lines with a pen will be demonstrated. Attention will be paid to the technique of quick sketching and how to simplify the representation of the objects. The lecturer will demonstrate several useful techniques: the pencil technique to fix the outline of hair and clothes, and the pen technique for the branches and leaves.

Required materials: pencils, pens, paper or sketching book

Join the masterclass led by the artist Mary Zhang on March 21, this year, at 12:00 online on the Art Platz Youtube channel.

The lesson will be held in English.

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