In the course of lectures about the Latvian History and Personalities “Personalities. Events. Changes.” this lesson will be focused on the socio-economic situation in Latvia after the Second World War - during the second Soviet occupation. It has remained in the collective memory of the people as the “Soviet time” and it is characterized by collectivization, industrialization and Russification. Lecture will be an exploratory journey into the history of Latvia, allowing to get to know and explore the Soviet period in the history of Latvia, which has left a significant impact on the collective memory and written creative works of the people.

Watch and participate! During the lecture questions will be asked, and for the ones who answer the questions correctly, it will be possible to receive prizes.

✅ Be the first to answer one or more questions asked by history teacher Edgars Bērziņš and receive one of the delicious Art of Tea teas as a gift.
✅ Send your answers to email
✅ The lecture will take place on April 11 at 12.00 on the Youtube channel Art Platz.

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