"The Discovery of Spacetime"

At the end of the summer, a new art space "Art Platz" will be opened in Riga in a building designed by the architect Mikhail Eisenstein (Mihails Eizenšteins) on Alberta Street 4. It will be a venue for cultural events where innovative art experiments will be modeled and new thematic discourses will be created. Whilst creating the content of exhibitions and organizing cultural events, the art space intends to focus on collaboration with young artists to bring exhibitions, master classes and various other activities to life. Our vision - to become a place where creative people can meet and engage in lively discussions about the importance of art in the historical and contemporary context. 

During the first months, Art Platz will offer a series of exhibitions combined under a single name "The Discovery of Spacetime". In addition, to the information about the architect Mikhail Eisenstein, there will be artworks of the artist Ivars Heinrihsons and the landscapes of Riga painted by the old master Edgars Vinters. A separate room will accommodate Kalvis Zalitis (Kalvis Zālītis) personal exhibition "The Trajectory of Myth" ("Mīta trajektorija"). 

Although Edgars Vinters is more known as a landscape artist, this exhibition highlights a less-known theme in the artist's work - the urban environment of Riga. The focus element of  "The Discovery of Spacetime" is a horse: "Bucephalus" - the head of a bronze horse, which has acquired Egyptian features in the interpretation of Kalvis Zalitis, providing an association with Pharaoh's attributes. As for Ivars Heinrihsons painting, his horses are strong, with tense muscles, rushing. A horse - an idealized representation, an image of inspiration, victory, status and confidence, galloping through the eras.

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