Exhibition "Echo" by painter Una Lekuze from 10.02.2022

From February 10, Una Lekuze's solo exhibition Echo at the gallery Art Platz. The exhibition consists of the latest works of the painter inspired by the language of art, which is saturated with Medieval and Renaissance symbols and allegories. One of Lekuze’s favorite motifs are fairy tales from all around the world. 

Echo presents certain images inspired by the tales from Azorean Islands, Indonesia, and Portugal. The choice of thematic also expresses Lekuze’s artistic manner, which is based on academic traditions. Lekuze’s ink drawings and monotypes are exhibited for the first time.

The gallery is open and provides services to individual visitors and groups only in a safe or "green" – safe mode.

Open hours: M.-F. 10:00-18:00

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