Time for the first erudition competition during the course of the lectures!

This time you will have the opportunity to learn the fascinating details of the Christmas history and the Christmas tree, read riddles and participate in an erudition competition.

✅ Be the first to answer one or more questions asked by history teacher Edgars Bērziņš and receive one of the delicious “Art of Tea” teas as a gift.

✅ Answer to the questions mast sent to e-mail:, during the online lecture. 

✅Lecture will happen on December 20 at 12.00 on the Youtube channel Art Platz

The Christmas tree, the Winter Beauty and even the “Neglite” - these are just some of the terms we use when talking about the main Christmas ornament - the Christmas tree. Its origins are linked to Germany, but the form in which we know it today occurred in Livonia, thanks to the German-Baltic Protestants (Lutherans) who brought it home and decorated it. In the 'warm lands', palm trees, other evergreen conifers and, of course, analogues of plastic Christmas trees are used instead. It should be emphasized that poems, stories, plays and even movies are dedicated to the Christmas tree. How the Christmas tree has changed the habits of our holiday season, let's find out together in this year's closing lecture.

We will meet with history teacher Edgars Bērziņš on December 20 this year at 12.00 online on our Youtube channel Art Platz

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