In the course of lectures about the Latvian History and Personalities “Personalities. Events. Changes.” in the ninth lesson we will focus on the political processes in the territory of Latvia shortly after the proclamation of Latvia's Independence - the Latvian War of Independence or Freedom Fights (1918-1920). 14 different armies were involved in this war in the territory of Latvia, and each of them fought for its freedom, thus at the beginning of the war, its outcome was not as unambiguous as one might want to assume it today. Moreover, in 1919, there were three governments in the territory of Latvia and the people, as well as the army, had to choose which side to take. Janis Balodis has been chosen as the central person - the pioneer - who, having taken over the command of the army after the death of Oskars Kalpaks, won difficult victories on the battlefields and conducted diplomatic talks both during and after the war, defining the borders of Latvia. The lecture will be an exploratory journey into the history of Latvia, allowing to get to know and explore the political and socio-economic conditions in the newly established Latvian state in the context of the War of Independence, which has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the people's collective memory and written creative works.

Join us live! During the lecture, there will be an erudition contest with a tasty prize!

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✅ The lecture will take place on the 10th of January, at 12.oo o’clock on the Art Platz Youtube channel
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